AFOL Appreciation Day on June 24th


The 1 hour earlier opening is a yes for all of the UK/Ireland stores except the below;

  • Manchester – can not open earlier
  • Brighton – 30 min earlier only
  • Glasgow – 30 min earlier only


  • FDH: accessible from 9 am (vs 10 am)
  • Bordeaux: accessible from 9 am (vs 10 am)
  • Lille: accessible from 9 am (vs 9.30 am)
  • SO Ouest: accessible from 9 am (vs 10 am)
  • Lyon: accessible from 9 am (vs 10 am)

DLP, Marseille, Nice & Clermont-Ferrand will not open earlier.

Barcelona will not open earlier as well => the store will open at noon as this will be a bank holiday.


1 hour early opening in DK (Tivoli and Copenhagen), BE, and NL.

In Sweden Mall of Scandinavia will be able to do this, but Skarholmen will be closed all day for the Midsommer holiday in Sweden.


All stores open 1 hour earlier.