Running on Empty

  • Gas stations, at least in TLCB’s home nation, are on borrowed time. With an EV mandate requiring all manufacturers to hit a percentage of EV sales beginning in just one month, in just a few years there won’t be any new internal combustion engined cars sold at all.

    Thus the gas station, until now a staple fixture of every town, village and main road in the country, will soon – like phone boxes, MSN Messenger, and the Ice Bucket Challenge – be nowhere to be found at all.

    Which isn’t a bad thing really, but we will lament the passing of the pretty ones, just like this wonderful example by Flickr’s Christoph Ellermann. Stunningly photographed and with beautiful LED lighting, Christoph’s ‘Octan Gas Station’ is of the type we’ll miss, and you can stop to fill up at his photostream via the link above. Whilst you still can.

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